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About Marc Snyderman, Esq.

Results-driven business development services in Cherry Hill that expand your horizons and help you reach new heights

Solutions for sustainable business growth
Using a tailored small business growth strategy in Cherry Hill and beyond, I proudly elevate small and medium-sized companies to new, rarified territory

As an industry veteran, I provide unmatched practical and strategic business and legal solutions to small and medium-sized corporate organizations at below-market rates. I invest in, support, and help companies grow, and I constantly stay vigilant for opportunities to disrupt and enhance marketplaces that clients can leverage to their advantage.

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The traditional law firm model is broken and ineffectual, specifically in regards to representing the SMB market. Exorbitant billable hour fees in conjunction with huge overheads create an inefficient marketplace. This marketplace shift has turned lawyers from trusted and necessary advisors at the table with business owners to merely being ancillary backstops. I have disrupted this model and changed the paradigm using an innovative monthly subscription fee for general external counsel services. Our subscription-based services enable us to keep our rates below market while utilizing technology to help businesses grow. We learn what you do and why you do it, and then we integrate into your team to help you achieve your precise targets and ambitions.

My background as a private business attorney and strategic consultant is unconventional in the best possible way. I am a former C-Suite executive and a seasoned General Consultant. I focus on nurturing growth, change management, and realizing the innovative visions of technology-based companies. I have a strong background as a corporate attorney and pride myself on being a business lawyer that gets deals done and keeps clients out of legal trouble. I assess risk and define and implement programs to mitigate it. Using a combination of infrastructure development, information technology implementation, and insurance programs, risk will feel like a thing of the past. I am a constant learner and believer in continuous improvement at all levels to be successful.

Lastly, I also strategically support and invest in pioneering technology and business concepts that are disruptive, and I serve on Boards of Advisors/Directors to help businesses constantly forge new paths to success.

With Marc Snyderman, you don’t just expand your horizons. You conquer them.

Core Competencies
Business growth consulting services:
  • Strategic Planning & Leadership
  • Risk Management & Legal Counsel
  • P&L Management
  • Change Management
  • Negotiations
  • Executive & Management Staffing
  • Revenue Goal/Growth Attainment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Marketing Strategy & Writing
  • Business & Technology Infrastructure
  • Project Management
  • Training & Leadership Development
  • Start-Up Management

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